Missionary Society

Position Term: One (1) Year

Primary Responsibilities:

Create and maintain out-reach programs and ministries.
Recommend missionary goals and programs annually.
Witness in the community for Jesus Christ.
Assist with community out-reach meals.
Monitor food pantry for available commodities.
Assist tape ministry in sending tapes to sick and shut-in.
Provide a list of social service agencies as needed.
Submit reports at semi-annual and annual business meetings.

The Mission of Calvary Baptist Church is to teach and inspire people, in the Merrimack Valley, Southern New Hampshire and beyond, how to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. In being true and devoted followers of Jesus Christ, Calvary Baptist Church has a core set of outreach ministries that serves the Greater Merrimack Valley Area.

These ministries of Calvary Baptist Church make up the Missionary Society of the church. Each member of Calvary is a member of the Missionary Society. Our Missionary goals are to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew: 28: 18& 19) of Jesus Christ by evangelizing God's word, restoring and discipling the lost, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.

Out-reach Ministries of Calvary are:


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