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March 28, 2018
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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 14, 2018
berth l. Post
July 15, 2015
In July I had written to paula white asking her to pray for my Job situation that I should get another opening in the same Position within the company in the Same Location. I wrote the prayer request via e-mail on 16th July and on 17th July itself I got a reply from paula white.she had written back to me confirming that he is praying for my Job situation and gave me the following Promise from the Bible:
"If you ask anything in my name, I will do it." (John 14:14). This letter encouraged me and filled me with renewed faith.you too can reach her via email for your prayer requests on PAULAWHITE765@OUTLOOK.COM.STAY BLESSED.
Laura C. Post
May 10, 2011
From Sister Laura Castine
Dr. Frank Oberti, who attended the Resurrection Service w/me, would like to thank Sister Mary Drayton, and Calvary Baptist members for all of your prayers for his elderly father.
His father is recovering very well from his hip surgery after a bad fall. He will be in rehab for a few more weeks.
Frank is very grateful to you all, Dear Calvary Baptist Sisters and Brothers, for your caring and compassionate spirit. He experienced overflowing joy during the service, and felt very blessed and privileged to meet so many so you that morning!
May God keep you all as the Apple of His Eye.
In Faith and Sincere Gratitude.
Laura and Frank
Margo S. Post
March 4, 2010
At a time when our friends and Church Family are losing loved ones at an unbelievable pace, I want to thank and Praise the Lord for the love and fellowship that everyone has shown the bereaved. God has blessed us with the fruit of the spirit called "LOVE" and I just thank Him and thank all of those who have prayed for our friends who have to go through this facet of life. God bless Calvary for our solid foundation of Christianity.
January 17, 2010
As I go day to day confronting the challenges of everyday life dealing with the physical and mental trauma related to my diagnosed 'Progressive Multiple Sclerosis' in my effort to maintain my independence being the most difficult and yes in the beginning my doubts of His love for me, but the Lord has since once again had shown to me he has my back. I felt His mighty finger of love tap me on my shoulder saved me from a certain death or critical condition to say the least, some time last year. However I will make it plain now I will never doubt his Love for me again,it would be very foolish of me.He could have taken me then, but when he want's me He will take me , and no time before and I will take on any challenge he gives me until that day. The Lord has not failed in sending me his angels who are in the position to help me whom are often strangers, when it is needed... even holding open a door or offering to pick something up I dropped or a kind word to help me maintain my dignity and respect. The Lord has the last word. But what all I am going thru it has been very difficult to come to terms that my life has changed forever and my limits in indepence. But often people has confided in me certain thing's which made me realize at least I am not alone, and must continue to count our blessing's and move forward. For instance the desaster in Haiti, after all that happened they still recognize the awsome power of prayer.

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Sandra K. Post
August 27, 2009
What a beautiful website. Keep up the lovely work Calvary! Would you please email Lura Smith's email address.
Duane W. Post
May 19, 2009
Karen L. Post
March 19, 2009
On February 27th I was called into a conference room and told I was being laid off from my City job which I have held for 4 1/2 years effective April 3. I prayed on it and asked the Lord to help me either find another job or let me get enough. On March 10th I was handed a letter saying that I was being transferred to a different department still within the City. God is Good all the time. Never lose your faith in what the Lord can do, I didn't.
Margo S. Post
January 17, 2009
What 24 hours of prayer will change. Deaconess Barbara Owens is coming home from the hospital today. We thank God for His grace and mercy and we thank our Calvary family for all your prayers.
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